Diamond ring pawn shop?

diamond ring pawn shop toronto

Do you have any diamond rings that you want a quick cash loan for? Come check out our pawn shop! Now, we don't normally refer to ourselves as a "pawn shop" we prefer "alternative lenders," but we'll go with the colloquiel for now. Diamond rings are one of our most popular products! Toronto Star even wrote a whole article about their popularity! They write:...

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How can I sell my jewellery for cash?

how can i sell my jewellery for cash toronto

Selling your jewellery for cash is why we're here! Once you've found a piece of jewellery that doesn't speak to you anymore, maybe it was given to you by an ex-partner or it's simply not your taste, bring it in and we'll appraise it. Here's a list of jewellery that we'd love to loan you cash for: Diamond rings Watches Engagement rings Gold...

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