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Diamond ring pawn shop?

Diamond ring pawn shop?

diamond ring pawn shop toronto

Do you have any diamond rings that you want a quick cash loan for? Come check out our pawn shop!

Now, we don’t normally refer to ourselves as a “pawn shop” we prefer “alternative lenders,” but we’ll go with the colloquiel for now. Diamond rings are one of our most popular products!

Toronto Star even wrote a whole article about their popularity! They write: “We get both sides coming in and selling their wedding rings but a lot of women are left high and dry by the guy and they’ll come down and sell their ring to make the next mortgage payment and keep the house.”

Here’s why you might want to trade your diamond ring for a loan:

  • A broken engagement
  • Need cash quick to pay your bills
  • The ring is no longer to your taste
  • The ring brings back bad memories
  • Divorce
  • Need quick cash for an event

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why someone might want to trade or sell their diamond ring.

We get it and we’re here for you. Simply bring in your diamond ring and Barry, our owner, will appraise the ring for you on-the-spot.

If you want to trade it for a loan, you can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day! Once you accept the offer and sign our standard loan agreement you get the loan, and we place your diamond ring in a fully secure storage centre.

You may also want to simply sell your ring and we can also help you with that!


Barry Klein
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