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What happens when you need cash NOW?

What happens when you need cash NOW?

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Need cash now? As in today or tomorrow? Are you late on a bill payment or need to pay your contract workers? You probably don’t need much, just a few hundred or $1000 or so, but you really need it urgently.

It can be hard to find cash SO quickly.

Your options for finding cash NOW are usually:

  1. Credit card advance
  2. Asking friends and family
  3. Trading in your jewellery for a loan

The first two aren’t going to work if your credit card is maxed out and you don’t want to burden your friends or family.

The third we can help you with!

If you have an asset like a watch, gold or jewellery you can trade it for a loan. Don’t worry, you’ll get your jewellery back as soon as you repay the loan.

Simply stop by our office and have a cup of coffee with our owner, Barry. He’ll explain the process to you. After he appraises your asset, he’ll make you an on-the-spot- loan offer.


You can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day! Once you accept the offer and sign our standard loan agreement you get the loan immediately, and we place your asset is placed in a fully secure storage centre.


Barry Klein
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