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5 life events you’ll want a collateral loan

5 life events you’ll want a collateral loan

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We would all love it if life went in a smooth line but unfortunately it rarely does! We try hard to save, but life is incredibly expensive today and expenses seem to pile on top of each other.  It’s hard for everyone to put something away for major life events. But we don’t want to be all doom and gloom. It’s incredibly important to celebrate and mark occasions or else what is life even about?  It would be such a shame not to have memories of the special times in our lives. Unfortunately, these special times can come on suddenly and cost a lot. They can put a serious dent in your savings and budget.

Here’s the top five times in your life when it makes sense to get a loan for your jewels:

As you can see, these are common life events (in the case of funerals…inevitable, sorry to say) but they cost tens of thousands of dollars! You can try hard to reduce costs  and save for them along the way, but that can take years.

With Loans for Jewels  you can still experience major life events without missing out!

Our process is simple and fast.

Just make an appointment  to bring your assets into the showroom. We appraise your asset and make you an on-the-spot loan offer. You can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day! Once you accept the offer and sign our standard loan agreement you get the loan, and we place your asset in a fully secure storage centre.


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Barry Klein
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