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Bad credit? Get a loan for your jewels in Toronto

Bad credit? Get a loan for your jewels in Toronto

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Your credit isn’t great.

If you’re not sure what your credit score is you can check it here for FREE.

The fault may not be yours — maybe you lost your job or were lured into getting multiple credit cards when you were a young student.

Trust us, you’re not alone.

Whatever the cause, you definitely don’t want to impact your credit score further and may be  finding it hard to get a credit card or a traditional loan.

We understand.

In fact, we want to help.

First, here’s some great tips  by myMoneyCoach to re-establish your credit score in Canada.

Second, we believe the mistakes you’ve made in the past are behind you.

We don’t even look at your credit score and the loan will never be reported to credit agencies.

Instead, we secure the loan with jewellery. The jewellery you give us might have sentimental value, or it may be something that was never really your taste. Either way, not to worry because you’re not selling it to us — you’re simply securing your loan with it. Once you repay your loan within the repayment period you’ll get your jewellery back.


Our process is simple and fast.


Just make an appointment to bring your assets into the showroom. We appraise your asset and make you an on-the-spot loan offer. You can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day! Once you accept the offer and sign our standard loan agreement you get the loan, and we place your asset is placed in a fully secure storage centre.


Best of all the loan is completely independant of your credit!



Barry Klein
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