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Get a money loan with bad credit

Get a money loan with bad credit

get a money loan with bad credit toronto

At Loans for Jewels we’re willing to give you a loan even if you have bad credit. Why?  Most lenders look at your credit score to assess the risk you pose in paying back your loan. The higher your credit score number the less risk you pose. But we don’t care about your “number”. We don’t even check it! That’s because we take collateral for a loan to secure it: your jewellery. We know you’ll repay your loan because you want your jewellery back, so the risk is automatically lower. And if you don’t? Then we have your jewellery which we can sell to recoup some of the costs of the loan.

Our process is simple and fast.

Just make an appointment to bring your assets into the showroom. We appraise your asset and make you an on-the-spot loan offer. You can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day! Once you accept the offer and sign our standard loan agreement you get the loan, and we place your asset is placed in a fully secure storage centre.

Best of all the loan is completely independant of your credit!

Once you’ve got a loan with us you can work on rebuilding your credit. We want to help you with that!

3 tips to repair your credit score:

1. Pay your bills on time
The #1 factor your credit score is based on is repayment time. Even if you just pay the minimum, the most important thing is that you don’t hide the bill in a drawer or forget to pay it!

2. Don’t max out your cards
Credit scores don’t look favourably at cards that have balances of more than 75% of the limit. Pay your balance so that it’s below 50% of the maximum, or ask for a higher credit limit.

3. Check your credit report and score
You can get a FREE credit report from TransUnion and Equifax once a year.  Order your copy to ensure there are no errors or surprises on it. You can also ask them to remove any debts over 7 or so years old in case they forgot.

Make sure to check your credit score regularly to check up on your progress. You can now check it for FREE at Borrowell.


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