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How can I sell my jewellery for cash?

How can I sell my jewellery for cash?

how can i sell my jewellery for cash toronto

Selling your jewellery for cash is why we’re here!

Once you’ve found a piece of jewellery that doesn’t speak to you anymore, maybe it was given to you by an ex-partner or it’s simply not your taste, bring it in and we’ll appraise it.

Here’s a list of jewellery that we’d love to loan you cash for:

  • Diamond rings
  • Watches
  • Engagement rings
  • Gold necklaces
  • Diamond earrings
  • Vintage jewellery

What are we looking for when we appraise your jewellery?

We look at a variety of factors when appraising your jewellery. If we’re using your jewellery to secure a loan, the higher value your jewellery, the larger loan we can give you. We look at the brand-name, the clarity and condition of the jewels and the expected resale market.

What we aren’t looking for

Jewellery that is cheaply made, or of a low-quality are not pieces we are interested in. Also, jewellery that is outdated or not to the current consumer taste.

To sell your jewellery or lean more about our loan process simply make an appointment with Barry, our owner, and sit down for a cup of coffee and let him explain to you the whole process.



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