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3 ways to make money fast

3 ways to make money fast

3 ways to make money fast loans for jewels toronto

If you need money fast than you’ve come to the right place!

The best way to make money fast is to use assets you have: your stuff, your time and your home or car. By leveraging those you can usually find a way to make a quick few hundred.

The number one way to make money fast is to use your  jewellery, diamond, watches or gold to secure a loan. You’re taking an asset that you don’t need on a daily basis to secure cold hard cash!

Our process is simple and fast: Just make an appointment to bring your asset into the showroom. You’ll sit down for a cup of coffee with Barry, our owner, and We’ll appraise it and make you an on-the-spot loan offer.

You can borrow $1000 for less than $2 a day!

As soon as you sign our standard loan agreement, we’ place your asset in a fully secure storage centre.

That’s it! No hassle!

Here are 3 other ways to make money fast

1. Sell your items online

Have something besides jewellery that you want to sell? Maybe some furniture, collectibles, concert tickets or  children items like toys and strollers? Now you don’t even have to have a garage sale, you can simply put up an ad online and wait for the offers to roll in.

2. Get a temporary, cash  job

Becoming an Uber driver can take too long, so it’s better to look for cash jobs on an online-classified site like Craigslist. You could even advertise your services. Some good options are washing dishes, being a bouncer at a club, helping out with construction, raking leaves, doing something handy around the house. You can also consider babysitting and tutoring if you like to work with children.

3. Rent out your  home

There’s no need to go to AirBnB for this route. Any free-online classified ad website can be just as effective, and they won’t be taking a cut. You may think your home isn’t fancy enough or there isn’t enough space to rent it out, but you’re probably wrong. Students, and  travellers always need a place to stay. As long as you advertise it accurately, and price it right you should be able to rent out some part of your home, even if it’s only couch! You could also rent out part of your home for storage. Let’s say you have a huge garage or shed.  There are plenty of people who live in condos and apts. who desperately need space and would love a place to store a few boxes and maybe their skiis. You could also rent out your driveway. Be creative!




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